Unity Development

Some samples from more or less recent projects developped in Unity 3D

A simple turntable of 3d character models created for Superstar's Hobby Kids Golf.  Click the image to launch 3d viewer

Hobby Kids Golf models tuntable

An animated UI main menu for the game AR Kicker by Superstar.

The Cartooner Project

I produced a series of 50 illustrations for cards pertaining to the boardgame Cartooner, by Mockman Press. Here you can see some of them. If you are curious about Cartooner, The Fast & Furious Game of Drawing Comics, you can check it out HERE!


In 2016 I worked on the Paperchase 3 project for NurdyMuny, in sunny beautiful Sacramento, CA. You can see here some of the character stuff I did there and some of the mockups for the UI and overall game look. Sadly, this project was not completed, but some of the levels were released as an expansion for Paperchase 2.


In 2011 I worked at Rocket Ninja where I was asked to develop concepts for a web-based strategy fighting game called first "Creatures Of The NIght" and then "Dusk". Character concepts ALL DAY! But the good times could not last. While the two "game designers" watched cat videos and played games on their laptops, the CEO wanted to shift gears and create a 3d avatar chat application so after the art for the project was build and the thing was basically a fully functioning program ready for deployment, it was scrapped because there was no balancing and because the marketing budget was redirected towards the social chat project. Which failed miserably.

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